Mobility limits in 2020

Mobility limits in 2020 offer an opportunity to improve prior work. There is an assumption that the work gets better with time and attention.

  • Tribal
  • Hand of Buddha
  • Wash

Artist’s Statement


The series of paintings I have underway in 2020 jeers at authoritarian cruelty. The paintings give shape to my sense of outrage, absurdity, and hope.

The narrative in these paintings may start with a particular structure or figure, but chaos reigns. Crowned heads are dangerous, but can become lizards, ridiculous. We women are particularly resolute, so our hands are raised and our feet determined to reach a better place. Palm trees provide food and shelter. Jugs and vases offer the solace of water and wine. The paintings illustrate confidence that tyranny is fragile, vulnerable to human grace.

These paintings ask to be in conversation. They are open to interpretation, an exchange of ideas between maker and viewer. They are made impatiently.